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Qianxifu company upgraded the traditional way of raising baked by modern pollution-free cultivation and the world's advanced level of baking technology, scientific and technological innovation, is so important.
Scientific research project of Qianxifu company cooperates with Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Soil cooperation of Agricultural solid waste matrix seedling development and industrialization,the inclusion of science and technology development plan in Northern Fumin county projects;The pig waste resource recycling technology, included in the support of science and technology, the ecological environment of the company and therefor very beautiful.
Qianxifu company and the jiangsu academy of agricultural sciences jointly developed High-quality kitchen and purified pig breeding purification and industrialization scientific research projects, included in the spark program;and Nanjing Agricultural University jointly conducted The high quality pork production of comprehensive technology integration and application, included in the provincial science and technology achievements transformation projects, make the company cultivation of Suckling pig varieties of pure quality, physical health.
Company and Dr Yangzhou university joint research and development of enterprise innovation project The Suckling pig in the baking process of corruption and to build up the forecast model on the pathogenic microorganism growth, ensures that the Qianxifu frozen Suckling pig and roast Suckling pig without getting rotten ,sterile non-toxic, health and safety. Qianxifu company with annual sales of about 3% in science and technology research and development, during the period of "11th five-year plan" put into scientific research funds of 10.8 million yuan, completed 8 at the provincial level, 1 state-level scientific research projects.High-quality Suckling pig ecological farming technology standard of the international advanced level, become a Suckling pig industry technical standards at home and abroad.